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"I have been looking for this for years! Thank you!"
- Susan

"Just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much I am enjoying your products! I will be back for more when I need them:) Cheers, Emily"

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Blessed Roots Farm, LLC is managed by Jason and Jenna Raymond of Woodstock, IL.

Often times people stop by our booth at the farmers market and ask, “So, where is your farm?” First, I laugh a little. Then I have to tell them, “Uh, we don’t actually live on a farm!”

To us, the “farm” is both a state of mind and a dream for our future. Although our six children are young, we would love to have them grow up in a natural, healthy, productive and inspiring environment where they are free to pursue their own ventures on the “family farm”. We want to give them deep roots, so they can thrive long term. Our example to them, to set goals and be willing to do the hard work everyday to reach them, is a huge part of that.

Jason and I also have a desire to engage our own passions for healthy living by creating and growing products that make healthy living an easier option for the people in our community. Honestly, I think everyone deserves to be able to use safe, homemade cleaners and body products. But, I know that not everyone wants to spend their time making them! There are many products that I value that I do not make myself. With all of the other roles we play, “maker of homemade cleaners” often times does not make the list for many people.

We hope we can do that for you! The products we make are exactly what you would want to make yourself. Our ingredients are all-natural and fragrance-free. We also do not use any preservatives, sudsing agents, or emulsifiers. While there may be natural options for all of these additives – why put them in if you don’t truly need them? The fewer ingredients we introduce into our home environment and ground water reservoirs, the better!

Our products work so beautifully for people with allergies and environmental sensitivities because our ingredients are natural and simple. They work beautifully for everyone else as well, because they clean beautifully!

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